"New location, new stand, new products and new content are being prepared by Rodacciai
for an event that will be a further opportunity to be close to its customers and industry leaders."

This unique event provides an excellent opportunity to meet with both manufacturers, suppliers, traders and stockists involved in all stages of production
of materials at the exhibition and to join together with the engineers, end users and decision makers of the stainless steel industry.

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the Rodacciai World


Experience, know-how and support are not the only features that make Rodacciai a perferred player in the world of cold finished steel. Rodacciai ensures production flexibility and quality thanks to the number of cold-finished steel production lines and the great advantage of having a rolling mill. All this means an increase of flexibility, punctuality and fast deliveries.

In addition to being a cold-drawing plant, having the highest number of production lines installed all over the world, Rodacciai can also boast to have a 100 % complete production cycle control for the production of the stainless steels, produced in its spanish steel mill (Olarra Aceros Inoxidables). This guarantees the customer’s consistent quality, making Rodacciai a reliable partner for its customers.

control systems

Rodacciai works with innovative machinery and optimized production processes to guarantee constant and repeatable high quality products over time. Since 1990 the company has obtained the ISO 9001 system certification, which certifies full compliance with the standards relating to the Quality Management Systems.

In the continuous development of its Quality Policy, Rodacciai through its production lines is able to comply with all the certifications necessary for its products. All these certifications, constantly updated, ensure the customer full compliance with current regulations and are synonymous of certified quality.

a strategic element of Rodacciai

Rodacciai has always been focused on continuous improvement both industrial and most importantly towards the environment in the community in which it operates. The constant commitment to better manage all activities has led Rodacciai to be among the first companies to receive the environmental certification, ISO 14001.

By limiting its pollution level and of course ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations, Rodacciai’s environmental policy is therefore directed towards the future and the conservation of natural resources for the next generations.

15 - 19 April 2024 - Düsseldorf, Germany



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